Posted on Aug 11, 2019

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How to Optimize Using TF-IDF - 2019 SEO Tips

TF-IDF short for term frequency–inverse document frequency, is a powerful SEO strategy that many are using to optimize in 2019. If I could give you one SEO tip, it would be to understand TFIDF and start implementing on-page and off-page for SEO.

▶️ TF-IDF Tools to Optimize Content

▶️ STEP 1: Setup Semantic Analysis

▶️ STEP 2: Enter Keyword to Analyze for TF-IDF

▶️ STEP 3: Review TF-IDF Analysis Results

▶️ STEP 4: Identify TF IDF Keywords to Add

▶️ STEP 5: Optimize Content Using Semantic Analysis

If you want to see more videos on SEO and TFIDF, let me know and I will create more on how to optimize videos and content.

TD-IDF Optimization Tips
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